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About me

Hello, I’m Bud.

I’m an endlessly curious explorer who thrives on mastering new skills and tackling complex challenges. My multidisciplinary career spans physical therapy, freelance writing, project management, digital transformation, process optimization, and digital solution development.

Why such an eclectic career path? My insatiable appetite for learning. Exploring new fields and pioneering innovative solutions – that’s where I find purpose and passion.


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Progressible is my newsletter created to help growth-minded people cultivate curiosity, learn new things, and find better ways to do things.

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Medical Writing & Editing

Served as a medical writer, editor, and subject matter expert for HealthStream to create and update a library of medical continuing education courses.

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Author – Medical CEU Courses

Authored multiple board accredited continuing education courses for physical and occupational therapy license renewal.

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UI / UX Writing & Consulting

Authored patient-facing medical content and consulted on UI/UX for digital patient communication platform and mobile app.


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